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Water Treatment by Water Circuit for a Lithotripsie Unit
Customer's Requirement:
Industrialisation of a  water circuit in support of a lithotripsy-reflector

An entire water circuit unit with complete mechanical structure and control unit was developed.
Project Scope:
  • Continuous control of the pump for filling, draining, couple, and circulation
  • Analysis of the level sensors and flow sensors
  • CAN-communication with control PC and the high voltage charging device
  • Cygnal C8051F040 for Wwater circuit control

Development Environment:
  • Zuken Cadstar 9.0 (Circuit diagram, Layout)
  • Visual Basic 6.0 for PC-Software
  • Keil C51 for μC-Coding
  • Building a device specification and hardware / software interface definition in collaboration with the customer
  • Analysis of the general concept with the regulatory authorities
  • Construction of tank mechanics, integration of water circuit components (pumps, valves, sensor system)
  • Tubing and wiring of components
  • Development of the water circuit control (circuit diagram, layout, engineering data, mechanical drawings)
  • Implementation of the µC-software for the water circuit control (water circuit sequences, inserting communication protocols)
  • Verification of all development stepstaking into account effective medicine specifications and risk management. Validation at the lithotripsy device.
  • Implementation of a specialised PC-software for starting and service
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