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Veterinary Shock Wave Device with Online Support
Customer's Requirement:
A shock wave device with touch screen for the veterinary demand.
Project Scope:
  • High voltage generation for shock wave applicator
  • Applicator identifcation / duration monitoring with UHF-RFID
  • Touch screen for customer-friendly operation
  • Different languages to choose from
  • Software update and log file upload through WiFi
      • NXP LPC1788 controller
      • Lilliput Panel PC 7106 customised

      • Zuken Cadstar (circuit diagram, layout)
      • CAD-System Solid works
      • Keil 4.0 for μC coding
      • OS Debian/GNU Linux 8
      • Qt develop environment
      • C++ for interface implementation
      • Analysis and creation of the  general concept in collaboration with the regulatory authorities
      • Hardware components development  (circuit diagram, layout, engineering data)
      • μC-software development for high voltage generation, communication with operation unit and therapy head
      • Touch screen program development with menu for a linux operation panel
      • Verification of all development steps taking into account effective medicine specifications and risk management
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