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About STS Systemtechnik
Right from its foundation in October 1987 the STS Systemtechnik Electronic GmbH is active in hardware and software development.
We develop individual projects as well as complex system solutions in the range of electronics and process automation.
In this regard the networking of different computer systems was the main focus.         

In April 1997 the ISO 9001 certification has been an important step.
The compliance with high quality standards is therefor reflected in all divisions.         

To sustain this high quality standards to our medical customers the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification took place in August 2008.         

Currently there are 12 members of staff working on further development of our products and the formulation of specific solutions  of:

    • System Development
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Communication Systems

In addition, we operate in manufacturing, commissioning, service, and documentation.

STS Systemtechnik Electronic GmbH is 25 years old.
The IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben published the following report in their issue 3/2020 :   
Artikel 3/2020
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