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Testing Motor Armature
Customer's Requirement:
Test device to record and evaluate electrical values of several DC motor armatures.
Project Scope:
  • Tests of motor armatures on different operating voltages:
      • Current draw DC + AC
      • Rotation speed
      • Rotating direction
      • Engine cutout
  • Displaying indicated value at testing device
  • Input of limit values into software
  • Automatic decision OK / NOK
  • Controlling by SPS
  • CE mark assignment
Development Environments:
  • Step7 basic v10.5
  • Zuken Cadstar 10.0 (circuit diagram, layout)
  • Setup of test device at our site
  • Selection of controllable DC-source and measuring equipment
  • Development of a sensor for rotation speed, rotation direction up to 6000 rpm
  • Implementation of SPS software at our site
  • Implementation of a user-friendly HMI-UI
  • Definition of an automatic test sequence with different test types
  • Software test direct at the customer's place
  • User manual
  • Risk disclosure statement
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