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Media Testing Device for Pressure Test of Valve Units
Customer's Requirement:
Development of a hardware and software solution of a testing device for perfomance tests of valve clusters.

The customer needs a complete hardware and software solution for the testing of his valve units
Project Scope:
  • Communication with Beckhoff BK9500 coupler via USB
  • Controlling by TwinCAT
  • Implementation of the control software in LabView according to the agreement with the customer's requirement
  • Automatic test runs through editable test files
  • Logging of the test results
  • Single triggering of valves and step motors
  • Hardware construction of electrical part with a pneumatic part provided by the customer
  • Controller und bus system by Beckhoff
  • Bus coupler BK9500 by Beckhoff

Software / Development Environments:
  • LabView 2015
  • TwinCAT 3.1
  • Defining a specificaton together with the customer
  • Developing the hardware build-up in our house
  • Implementing the software in our house
  • Testing the software directly at the customer's place
  • Writing a user manual
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