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Soldering Process Monitor
Customer's Requirement:
Soldering temperature monitoring of a circuit board panel with an IR camera.

An existing solder process monitoring software at the customer's shall be expanded.
Project Scope:
  • Reading the thermal image from the IR camera
  • Processing component informations of the pic-and-place machine
  • Calculating the space occupied by components ( = ROI)
  • Determination of highest temperature inside the ROI and transmitting as process value to the soldering process control
  • Warn on overheating of damageable components
  • Calibration through camara picture
  • Drawing the ROI into the current thermal image
  • Automatic import of component data
  • Displaying a histogram of the temperature distribution
Development Environment / Software:

  • VS 2008 C# for PC-Software
  • NI Automation Studio 8.6.1  (Components) for included visualisations
  • Analysis and expansion of existing software
  • Tight collaboration with the customer's software department to be able to use their required standard components
  • Implementing the software and launch direct at the customer's site
  • Software documentation and manual
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