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Torque Test
Customer's Requirement:
Testing device for test of a stepper motor with slipper clutch.

Determination of the necessary force to trigger the slipper clutch.
Project Scope:
  • Provide an appropriate brake
  • Brake control
  • Mechanical adaptation of the test item
  • CE mark assignment
  • Agreement with the customer for integration into a manufacturing cell
Development Environments:
  • Siemens TIA Portal 10.5
  • Programming language FUP
  • Zuken Cadstar 10.0 (circuit diagram)
  • Alibre Design 12.1 (3D Mechanics)
  • Writing the specification
  • Selecting a brake (magnetic powder, hysteresis, ...)
  • Setup of the test device at our site
  • Implementing the SPS software at our site
  • Testing the software directly at the customer's site
  • CE-compliant user manual
  • Risk disclosure statement of the complete system
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